Sunday, May 8

mommy dearest

happy mommas day to my mommy dearest!!! you are the best person in the world and i really do hope i can be exactly like you someday. i could write you the longest letter and tell you everything  i love about you.. but i dont think i could even express it it would be infinity long! so i just want to say thank you to being the best mom ever to your three kids and your extra adopted son in law, thanks for being such an amazing grandmother and thank you for being such an example to me and showing me how much you love my dad and i hope my family can be as close and we are. love you so much mom and DONT YOU EVER FORGET IT!

Tuesday, April 12



As unbelieveable as it sounds, I can confirm that it is in fact true that moose run around anchorage like they own the place. insane? Agreed. They will just run across the roads and the highways and traffic will cease to exist for that moment. Also living in the woods provides a great place for them to just hang out in our backyard. Look out your window and what do you see? I see a moose staring in mine. Yikes! Oh and Lollie calls them moo. As in the cow goes moo. Precious.

Sunday, April 10

weird science

the imaginareum &
the museum of anchorage


fish oil

this is how lollie takes her fish oil. lets it soak up through her nose and then throws it in the trash. as for me.. i just throw it straight in the trash. no thank you. :)

Tuesday, April 5

This is Lollie. Biting my ear. And telling me she doesn't want me to leave and that she is never gonna let me go! I love her! I don't want to leave her! But at the same time... 2 days!! Yay!

Thursday, March 31

crafty crafty!

I made this craft for Suzanne as my going away present to her! I though it was super fun so I though I would share how to do it. Easy peesy lemon squeezy. So..
1. Take pictures of the side of the kids faces up against a blank background.
2. Then i just had them printed as 4x6 photos.
3. Cut pictures out and paint them black.
4. Paste on white cardstock paper
5. Used numbers and letters from the craft store
6. Frame!
Wa lah! There you have a super fun silhouette of the kids to hang on the wall.


So I took the girls and some of their friends to the indoor water park! Let me tell you, it is hard work to stay afloat with 4 little girls hanging on you in the wave pool and I am not the best swimmer to begin with! Goodness these girls make me laugh, I have so much fun with them!