Thursday, October 15

Some Things Never Change.

We won the emotion bowl!!! and nobody thought we could do it!
Top sixth rivalry in the nation IF TIGERS vs SKYLINE GRIZZLES it was an amazing night. and when it was over i was in such amazing blissful high school happiness and i know it cant get much better than this! (even though it was snowing and im pretty sure i had frostbite! :) yayayayayyaya! haha
Front Row Standing:)
Waiting For The Game To Start!
We Love Pain Train!
Oh Girls Fed... haha
Happy Faces!
The Game!

Wednesday, October 7


Make a wish, Place it in your heart.
Anything you want, Everything you want.
Do you have it? Good.
Now believe it can come true.
You never know where the next miracle is gonna come from.
The next smile, The next wish come true...
But if you believe that it is right around the corner,
And you open your mind and heart,
The possibility of it, The certainty of it,
You just might get the thing your wishing for.
The world is full of magic.
You just have to believe in it.
So make your wish.
Do you have it? Good.
Now believe in it with all your heart.