Monday, January 31

sick children

Lollie and I had a pretty fun day today while she was home sick. We played piano... and she taught me how to play jingle bells with her feet! I'm telling ya this girl will not keep her clothes on when she is at home, yet she is so picky about what she wears to school. It must be a skirt that doesnt have shorts underneath and leggings. She will not wear jeans. It is quite a job to get her ready for school, not to mention the hair! Oh that hair!! Needs a good brushing to say the least. We also played with the playdough today. We had contests. She told me I have to make a building, so we made the NYC skyline with the sun setting and she told me I had to make a person or an animal, so I settled for a snowman! I follow directions nicely I know. Anyways, I had fun! How was your Monday?

Sunday, January 30

saturday is a special day

It's the day we get ready for Sunday! Ok honestly I am so excited that I get to go to church tomorrow! I have been looking forward to it all week! I haven't taken any good pictures this week but I thought I would just write about what I did. Well it has been quite stressful because my boss Suzanne had her grandmother died so I have been being "mommy" a lot of extra hours! Lollie had her birthday on Thursday night which was not such a happy event because everyone seemed to be in such a weird funk. Today I went to the Moose's Tooth Pizzaria and had pizza and a long overdue Diet Coke. (I havent had one since I got here!) I went by myself, which Im finding easier to do these days, but anyways the guy at the bar asked me if I wanted a beer with my pizza! Apparently I looked old enough to drink which cracked me up. I'm sure I'll be going there again so I'll take some more pictures when I do. I also have decided to start a creative journal this week and it is super cute! I am so excited to start writing in it. Ok I think that is all I did worth mentioning this week. Also, I think I'm gonna get fat off of hot chocolate. Love that stuff.
Happy Sunday!!
Oh by the way this quote has helped me and my stress level this week I thought it might help all you!
"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."

Tuesday, January 25

my new best friend

Well friends.. this is my new favorite place. Seattles Best Coffeee Shop in Borders Bookstore. Yum!! It is my get away from the kiddos! Not that I dont love being with them all day long. Pictures of them to come soon! Untill then I'll just enjoy my large hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings. Now that is extra special :)

Monday, January 17


Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I love airplanes. I love Diet Coke and the little bag of pretzels and soy nuts. But most of all I love the screen of all the flights and delays and such.
Love it.

Saturday, January 15

surprise partayyyy!

My bestest friends threw me a surprise going away party!! I was SOOOO surprised! I literally had no flippin idea that this was happening. I came home from dinner with the family and all my friends were at my house! This was the best going away present ever! I almost cried when I walked in the door haha. Anyways, thanks to my friends who did all the work of planning the party especially you Jeff Jeff and Morg!! Love you guys see you in 3 months!
Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, January 7

Awkward and Awesome!

So thanks to the lovely Sydney over at The Daybook, I'm gonna start the new "awkward and awesome thursday" tradition here on my blog (dont mind the fact that it is friday). I probably wont do it every week, but I'll post" awkward and awesome" on random days so make sure to check back! Wells lets get to it!
This weeks Awkward and Awesome Moments:
-Seeing your high school Spanish teacher at the mall and he only recognizes you by the name of Margarita
-Profiling your check out person at the grocery store. I know you all steer clear of the old lady checkers that are sure to screw up your check out in some form or another. Bless their hearts
-That awkward whiplash/airplane arm thing you do when your trying to catch yourself after slipping on ice in the parking lot
-People calling me Tiffany or Stephanie on the phone. Eventually you just stop trying to correct them
-Cold feet. Literally I'm talking about bad circulation
-My blog crush on The Daybook. I feel so stalkeresque. Is that even a word?
-The new Oprah Network
-Getting and unexpected text from an old friend and ending up talking all night long
-Going to an afternoon matinee with my mom. Little Fockers was probably not the most appropriate choice... but nonetheless it was great to spend the day with her and we had a few laughs
-Raise Your Glass by Pink. I never get sick of saying that I am "Too School For Cool" which in fact makes me totally awkward
-Cotton candy colored sunsets
-Watchin the entire first season of Glee in two nights
-Lists lists lists! I couldnt survive a day without making a to-do-list.

Monday, January 3

out with the old, in with the new

2011 was off to an AMAZING start with a snowmobiling trip with Morgan and her familia. On New Years Eve we made a time capsule with some good 2010 memories and some goals for the next year. I am soooo excited for this year. I've got a feeling! The year is already off to a great start with my 3 month adventure to Alaksa starting in about 13 days! Anyways, I'm sure you'll hear a lot more about it... but for now here is a review of 2010 and it's good times.
-2010 REVIEW-
-Lunch Bunch everday with the women.. mostly I just liked the car rides to and from. oh and the food. yummy!
-Vala-Grams with the Vallerinas. M cubed K squared S. Love my Sunday Girlys! do do dadum dadum!
-Took a boy's first kissy which I have always wanted to do. Apparently I like my men young
-Fun adventures and a great end to Senior Year. Twenty Ten!
-Commencement Dance.. Dance!? Need I say more?
-Graduation from high school.. what a milestone! haha
-Fourth of July fireworks... my favorite!!
-Patriarcal Blessing
-Pres Monster was born! Go London and Blair.. you make beautiful baby!!!
-Bowling lessons, bike rides, snowcone trips, bonfires.. all the fun things of summertime
-Glueing minature army men all around town... hope the skatepark appreciated the decorations!
-Star gazing
-Moving out on my own.. only not really cause I came home to do laundry every weekend
-Halloween Trio. TinkerBell Peter Pan and the Mermaid
-BYU Basketball game with Mommy Dearest
-Total domination of my grades!! Yeah take that college and one semester closer to graduation from BYU-IDAHO
-Last Christmas Zack will be goneee! Got to talk to him for 5 hours!
-New Years cabin trip and snowmobiling
I'm sure there is much more that I forgot... but it has been a fun year. Can't wait to make next year even better!!!