Sunday, August 30

so long sweet summer...

summertime and the livins easy... well once again summer is almost over and has gone by WAAYYY to fast! but this time it feels different.. like ive learned so much this summer and maybe now i actually am growing up. weird. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Summer 2009 Memories... --lasst year of girls camp! thank goodness. :)
--workin 9 to 5 at the PITA PIT. workaholic as usual, i cant ever seem to quit but i sure am sick of smelling like pit. haha hopefully this year i can start something new.
--4th of July parade with BOYS&GIRLS FED. interesting experience but it was fun.. even though i got dragged behind the float.. in a tipped over wheelchair! ouch.
 --CANCUN FAMILY VACATION. beachin it up. snorkeling and cliff jumping and jungle cruising and all the mexican food and mayan ruins and valladoled and getting pulled over multiple time and paying of cops. all i have to say this was the best trip ever and i have the best famillyy EVERRRRR!
--Zack got his mission call.. Atlanta,Georgia. Spanish Speaking! my bestest buddy is leaving me for two whhhooolleeee years. i might die.. although i could do without getting water ballooned by you and your gay friends hahaha
--endless nights of watching Friends and my new obsession of One Tree Hill.. which was mostly the cause of the late nights and late mornings.
--my clothing habits have reached and all time high.. which in my opinion is a great thing.. but mother doesnt quite agree. SAVING MONEY=BAD;)
--my last late night bertos trip of the summer occured last night.. cheese quesidilla and horchata at 2 in the morning.. you will be missed.
--cabin time with the McQuiveys! it wasnt the same without ri guy though.
--weekend with rileys farewell and maisons baptism. FABBBUULOUSS
--clayne and jackies fiftieth wedding anniversary/family reunion! this was the best weekend with the fam in forever. i love you chonnny and mo mo and sierrraaaa!
--adventures of june 20th.. 3AM. need i say more?
--moving on with my life finaallyyyy hahaha.
 --a surprisingly great accomplishment.. never getting pulled over or in an accident even with all the car shaking dance parties.
 --BOATING! finally learning to surf and wakeboard. im going pro fa shoooo!
 --start of summer skinnydip? sanddunes? and sleepovers? 10 things i hate about you? all the books? and all the music? all the friends? and the crushes? and all the love. This summer has been one of the best i have had.. but if one tops it i wont be mad :) as funny as it sounds im ready for school to start and keep making high school memories! haha
SO DASHBOARD.. Take It Awaay..
So Long Sweet Summer. I Stumbled Upon You And Gratefully Basked In Your Rays. So Long Sweet Summer. I fell Into You, Now You're Gracefully Falling Away. Hey Thanks, Thanks For That Summer. Its Cold Where You're Going.. I Hope That Your Hearts Always Warm. I Gave
You The Best, Gave You The Best That I Had.

Friday, August 28

Hecho En Mexico!

I cannot even describe to you how much i LOVE family vacations! I'll be the first to admit... my family is.. lets put it this way.. we are somewhat DIffErent. hahaha!but in a good way! This years vacation to Cancun, Mexico was the best family memories EVER!
We went to church in Cancun Centro.. bribed a cop on the way.. and ended up meeting some very good looking Mexican Mormon Boys!! :) :)

Me and Zack and Blair caught SEBASTIAN in the ocean and let him live in our bath tub!
Saw the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza! The best day by far.. and bought ten pairs of sandals in Valladoled! I think the sandal maker made his quota that day haha.
Family Pictures on the Beach!
dooontt forgett about the henna tatoos! im so sad this is our last vacation together untill zack gets home from his mission :( but im so glad that our family is so close and i cant wait to share many more MEMORIES!