Monday, March 29

My One Hundred

1. Get married in the temple
2. Write a novel
3. Learn to play the gutair
4. Do an extreme sport (bungy jumping, sky diving, parachuting)
5. Live in a different country
6. Read 250 books
7. Befriend someone i didn't know before
8. Learn to drive stickshift
9. Sit behind a waterfall
10. Witness a miracle
11. Forgive someone completely
12. Defy gravity
13. Fall in love
14. Send a message in a bottle
15. Make a discovery
16. Sleep under the stars
17. Go to college
18. Write in my journal more
19. Visit every state in the USA
20. Kiss in the rain
21. Kiss underwater
22. Write a song
23. Create an artistic masterpiece
24. Decide my political party
25. Get my personal progress award
26. Get my patriarchal blessing
27. Go on a parentless roadtrip
28. Gamble in Las Vegas
29. Swim with sea creatures
30. Change someones life
31. Find something I'm really good at
32. Read the Book of Mormon
33. Read the Doctrine and Covenants
34. Go on a long hike
35. Sew something wearable
36. Go running for 5 miles straight
37. Go paintballing
38. Learn Spanish
39. Get over my shyness
40. Take someones first kiss
41. See the New York City skyline
42. Resign from a job I don't like
43. Go skiing or snowboarding
44. Identify someone inspiring and let them know
45. Experience a sunset
46. Experience a sunrise
47. Bake a cake for someone special
48. Go on a picnic outing
49. Try vegetarianism for 21 days
50. Learn to do a flip
51. Run a 5k or 10k Race
52. Learn to wakeboard
53. Get rid of 101 material items
54. Organize my music
55. Be in two places at once
56. Organize my photos in order
57. Mail a postsecret
58.Volunteer abroad for some humanitarian cause
59. Learn how to make a national dish
60. Get my picture at the Hollywood sign
61. Wear Grandma Salvesen's wedding dress to a dance
62. Go fishing
63. Go white water rafting
64. Go horseback riding