Thursday, March 31

crafty crafty!

I made this craft for Suzanne as my going away present to her! I though it was super fun so I though I would share how to do it. Easy peesy lemon squeezy. So..
1. Take pictures of the side of the kids faces up against a blank background.
2. Then i just had them printed as 4x6 photos.
3. Cut pictures out and paint them black.
4. Paste on white cardstock paper
5. Used numbers and letters from the craft store
6. Frame!
Wa lah! There you have a super fun silhouette of the kids to hang on the wall.


So I took the girls and some of their friends to the indoor water park! Let me tell you, it is hard work to stay afloat with 4 little girls hanging on you in the wave pool and I am not the best swimmer to begin with! Goodness these girls make me laugh, I have so much fun with them!

Thursday, March 17

the exploder

So this car has given me the mostest troubles since I have been here. Not fun. We don't call it the exploder for no reason. The first week I was here it got a huge hole in the tire, don't ask how cause I have no answer, and so the tire had to be replaced. Also the key broke off and so that had to be replaced as well leaving me carless for days. Earlier in the week it decided to get us in a mini accident and sent us sliding on the ice and into the snow barrier and then almost tipped over. Today, we ran out of gas even though the gauge said it was almost a quarter full. Of course I blame all of these incidents on the explorer. It has nothing to do with my driving skills whatsoeve. The end. Oh also I can't tell you how much I love taking the broom out to sweep off the piles of snow every morning. Yay for me!

Wednesday, March 16

my new love

So people, I have found my new love. And it's name is Thai food. YUM. And since I've been here I have kind of become obsessed with being able to cook it. Can I just say that I can make a mean stir fry.. and here and the pictures to prove it!

Saturday, March 5

the skinny raven

So in Anchorage there is this store called Skinny Raven. And it is where all the cool kids shop. It has the cutest athletic clothing and Dansko clogs and just really fun and unusual things. I went on a shopping trip there today.. and it turned out to be an expensive one! Suzanne bought me the cutest snow skirt ever that you can see in the first picture! We dont have these in Idaho, so I will be introducing them when I get back. You can just wear them over your jeans or workout pants or you can wear them with tights or whatver you want! Super cute and so warm! I also splurged a little and bought myself my first pair or Dansko clogs. The mary jane style in patent black. Needless to say, this is my new favorite store!

Friday, March 4

first time skiing!


Today was my very first time skiing in my whole entire life! And oh can I just tell you it was amazing!! I though I was going to spend the day on the ground... but no! It was so fun! And I am so good haha. Not really, but kinda. Next big purchase equals skis and a ski pass!

Thursday, March 3

happy wednesday

Miss Kari has gracioulsy presented me with this lovely award and has requested that I share 7 facts about myself so I thought it would be fun! Thanks Kari oh and P.S. i totally fit the monica clean freak profile as well! I think I'm turning into her!
1. I could eat Mac and Cheese for every meal of my life and never get sick of it. Maybe add some Ben and Jerry's in there and I am set for life.
2. I am a nanny in Alaska and I am from Idaho and I miss my family and I want to go back to school. I never thought I would say that!
3. I love playing sports.. even though I may not be very good. At all.
4. I hate the K and the M word so please don't use them around me. (krusty and moist) ugggghh gross.
5. Fish are friends, not food. And so are cows and pigs. Therefore I only eat chicken. Most of the time.
6. I bite my nails as a nervous habit.
7. I am a LA Lakers fan. Big time. #24 baby!

Happy Wednesday to everybody! Love, Syd