Monday, December 27

christmas pajamas

Hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I know I sure did and had lots of fun with family! This was Preslee's first Christmas and it was so funny to watch her "open her presents" Also, this is the last Christmas that Brother will be gone.. can't wait till next year!!!
Oh and P.S. the blog is going through some updates.. sorry if it looks ugly right now im trying to learn how to do some things!

Sunday, December 19

Home Sweet Home.

Finals are over and I am home at last! It is so great to be here with my family and to SLEEP! Well for a month at least.. I am off track this winter and I decided to take a job in Anchorage, Alaska as a nanny! I am super excited but also getting a little nervous. Apparently I won't be able to come home on the weekends ;) The family I will be nannying is Suzanne and Todd Rust and they have 3 kids. Jonathan who is 12, Anna who is 10 and Lauren who is 7. They fly airplanes over Mt Mckinley for tourism and over Denali Forest so hopefully I will get to see a little bit of that beautifulness! The picture at the top is one of their planes that they fly. I am super excited it should be a really great experience. I have been watching the Sarah Palin show on TLC to prepare for my Alaskan adventure! Seriously though. I know a lot of people don't like her too much, but I think she is super great and also really inspiring! Maybe I will get to meet her haha! Or maybe I could just start my own reality show..
Watch for it. Coming soon to... this blog haha. It will be great I promise. Jonathan, the oldest likes to make movies so I will enlist his help in the show haha what a great bonding experience it will be.
Well anyways, I am going to just live it up while I am home. Happy Holidays to everyone, hope you all get to be with family at this special time of year!

Monday, December 13

Finals Week!

Love this week! not... especially the part about having to carry around my XXL Art History book. Please note pictures to see how large it really is. I am going to spend the rest of the 96 hours of the week either locked in my room studying or sleeping on the couch in the Spori Art Gallery. It's so soothing in there! I always have good intentions of just sitting on the couch doing my homework there, but I end up laying on it snoring and laying in a pool of drool. So anyways I just thought I'd let you all know about my finals so you can pray for me ;) I'm gonna need it. Here goes a stressful week.. wish me lots of luck!!!
 This is what I do when I should be studying
20 Pounds of Awesome!

Sunday, December 12

Princess Preslee

This is my Pres Monster. My favoritest baby in the world. And the most beautiful! She is my sister, London's first itty bitty one and the first grandbaby of our family. She has grown so much and everytime I see her she is so different. I want her to stay so little and precious.. but at the same time I can't wait to watch her grow up. Love her with all my heart!

Tuesday, December 7

oh adventures

So earlier this semester, when the weather was warm and the snow was not a-falling, me and Morgan decided to go on a little adventure. With the help of our friend Jackson we took the scooter for a ride all over town. Through the fields and through the woods, on an adventure we go!  Anyways, there is this hill in Rexburg that we were going down at like mock 10. Whatever that means. Picture this.. there is a huge dip ahead and we gotta make it through the light before it turns red. So what do we do? We go for it. If you have never experienced going off a jump on a small scooter/moped.. put it on your list of things to do. It was probably one of the funniest things I have experienced, especially when a guy pulled up next to us and said, "man you guys got some air!" Hahaha. We asked him how fast we were going, he checks his spedometer and says 28 mph with a thumbs up! Not as fast as we had hoped... Anyways, Morgan and I thought that this one was for the books.

Monday, December 6

numero uno.

This is my extremely early New Years Resolution... To update my blog more frequently. My goal is once a week to be exact. This is a few highlights from my first semester at BYU-IDAHO. This semester has been a lot of fun and also not so much fun at times. I've had a lot of great learning experiences this year, but I'm excited for the next couple of great years here. Color my life with the choas of trouble!

roommates bonding at the Blackfoot Fair.

trip to mesa falls!

tis the season for pumpkin carving!
tinkerbell for halloweeny!
masquerade ball
SAMMYS pieshakes are my new best friends!!

dont forget about my weekends home to see this cutie!

first session of the tubing season. total domination!